Demark award 2021

Demark award 2021 Life style product

Designer Tan Pithiyanuwat

Chinese new year store are close on Satuday 10 February 2024 and open in Monday 12 February 2024


Soi Viphawadee-rangsit 19
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Open Hours
Chinese New Years2024
Store will close on Saturday 10 February 2024
and open on Monday 12 February 2024

Mon - Fri : 10.30 - 19.00
Sat : 10.30 - 16.00
Sun : Closed
The design concept of Boonya Storage Sets is that the continuous expansion of urban society causes Living space is concentrated and grows vertically, causing the living space per unit to decrease. But everyone still needs to have things in them and to keep things organized. It is valuable to life and valuable to the soul. This design will make the storage method easier and create a beautiful living atmosphere That thing has material or spiritual value Things that are kept must also have value, inspired by the design of the image. The shape of the Bunya Store Set comes from a temple, which is a symbol of merit and good deeds division between sections individual and collective In the past, valuables or souvenirs were Kept at the temple, the pagoda has a design that takes the form Distinguishing features of the temple's architecture were used. Design storage in various formats and each person can organize their own storage format as appropriate, including benjarong patterns. from temple roof tiles etc. and various patterns Choose according to your needs and suit your needs. Decorate your individual home

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