Benjarong History

Benjarong is traditional thai five basic colors style pottery. All people in thailand used is for gifts and show in their home in office. Thai people always buy it for present during thai new year because it's very beautiful. These benjarong products can only be made by hand. When people see this product they know this is thai.

You can use Benjarong to make your house pretty or you can use for everyday use . Benjarong is product that everybody know and that everyone is very proud of These date back to the 18th centry when they were only made for the thai royal family. They are still associated with royality and are held in high reguard. Benjarong is the type of product anyone would be very pleased to recieve.

These have been in production for hundreds of years and takes great talent to make Benjarong. Only a very few select artists can make these and it takes them days just to complete a single items. It can take up to 15 years just to prefect the art of Benjarong. Only will a professional be hand crafting such items for sale. A unique and hard to find item that is always sure to please.